Single mother loses job after necessary surgery, turns to the masses for support

Katrina Ruhe, a single mother left her job when she heard about a new job opportunity in an overseas companies which was looking to hire sales force in US. With all the high hopes of a brighter career and making more money for her daughter and herself she joined this company which unfortunately turned out to be disastrous for her normal and happy going life. The job offer included a 12 month non-compete clause in her industry. Things changed when an old injury in her right knee started to cause trouble and she visited a physician for the same. The swelling in the injury was increasing and she was in constant pain since the tendon from patella to her quad was not healed and needed to be cut and reattached so after getting all the tests and consulting, the doctor suggested a surgery.

As the corporate employer did not allow for medical leave, she had a long discussion with her manager and got approval for the surgery in Mid April who agreed to give her light duty after return. Five weeks after an intense two hour surgery and a few weeks after returning to work she was informed that she had been terminated due to her current medical situation. She has been doing all her work responsibly while her recovery and with all the prior approvals, so the termination came as a shocker to her. Her manager also approved that she would be driven by someone else to see the customers as she was not in a state to drive because of injury in the right knee but still they took this harsh act of terminating her.

Although, she is carrying out measures to take necessary legal action against the company but the consequences she is facing right now are terrible. She is unable to pay her regular and medical bills, struggling for food and house to stay in. She is under constant pressure and not even getting the medical benefits for full recovery from the injury. Her world has turned upside down the stress is not letting her sleep.

The 12 month non-compete clause by the company has forced her to search outside of her experience due to which she is turned down for simplest of jobs saying she’s over qualified for the position. She’s in dire need of help and started this campaign to raise money for her survival. More than herself, she’s worried about her daughter’s future. You can help Katrina Ruhe and her daughter get through these times of crisis by contributing your bit.

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