Bed Sized Bed Bug Trap LLC is seeking a fund of $200,000

Bed Sized Bed Bug Trap LLC is seeking a fund of $200,000 from investors to inform public that most bed bug control methods are obsolete. Americans spent $470 million in 2014 for bed bug control. The fund will be used to educate people how to eliminate global bed bug resurgence in a near future by an innovative effort.

A bed sized bed bug trap is made from five fabric sheets: one top sheet (same length and width as a mattress) and four side sheets. The trap covers both mattress and box spring from the top position, and leaves the bottom position open. There is a sticky barrier at bottom perimeter edge of the side sheets.

Due to a special design, people can’t accidentally touch the barrier. After a dryer heats all the bedding materials (top sheet, blanket, and pillows), the sleeping area is bed bugs free. A mattress encasement is ranked as the best to kill bed bugs inside a mattress. This popular effort is as nonsense as a camper sleeps outside a tent, and uses the tent as a bush encasement to seal mosquitoes inside a bush. A mattress or a bush does not need any protection by encasement or tent.

Only the sleeper or the camper needs protection by bed sized trap or tent, respectively. No one uses vacuum and steam instead of poison baits to kill ants. No one should have used vacuum and steam instead of bed sized trap to kill bed bugs. Bed bugs detect CO2 at meter distance, while ants detect the bait at mm distance.

People prefer months of hard work to search every bed bug, but a survived one inside an electronic may lay up to 300 eggs. The bed sized bed bug trap does not need to search any bed bug, and it succeeds even it does not catch any bed bug. People believe one-year life of a bed bug, but disregard a common sense that bed bugs can’t be at dormant if they detect CO2 from a sleeper at the trap center, and crawl every night for food in futile. The heating entire room method was ranked as the most reliable. This most expensive method takes a risk that bed bugs may hide in electronics, which can’t be heated. The cheap trap method solves the problem with higher confidence than the expensive heating method.

Bed sized bed bug trap LLC needs the fund for public education that no feeding without killing or without hard work solves the problem immediately. Most bed bug feeding chances are at night. No bite at night and day is as sure as people sleep in bathtubs and exterminators never carry bed bugs to home, respectively. Listing a feasible bed bug feeding chance at night when a sleeper is at the trap center is more difficult than winning a Nobel Prize. Feedbacks from the users also confirmed this conclusion. Some people believe that bed bugs may fall from ceiling to a bed. Applying a slippery Scotch tape barrier on the ceiling eliminates this possibility. 

If you are interested in joining the business and foresee that the bed sized trap will replace most traditional bed bug control products and services, please visit

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