Can Google Translate replace human translation services in the future?

The human translation is by far superior than any computer, app, or program.
Software related and artificial intelligence related technology is evolving very quickly, there are a lot of things that were not possible in the past but are possible in the current era. Google is one of the most technologically advanced companies in the world, which is responsible for creating products that are unmatched in quality as well as intellect.

One of the most famously used software or app called google translate can translate thousands of different languages, it also contains a feature to detect the language which is written and translate it to the intended language. Automation and software evolution has led to the increase reliability of the individuals over these technologies compared to humans.

Similarly, a large number of analysts believe that in future google translate could replace the manual or human translation industry around the globe. There are several reasons why this technology cannot replace actual human translation capabilities some of them are discussed below.

The first and most significant limitation of google translate is that it works on a set of rules without understanding. Rules may define a certain task can be accomplished but it does not brew understanding. Human languages are filled with rules and many circumstances where these rules become irrelevant and no longer apply, in such cases google translate fails to incorporate the correct translation and ends up doing a literal translation that is far inferior in quality as compared to a human or manually translated document. Google translation is a very good tool to understand the basic sense of what is being communicated but for official translations, transcripts and other translations it fails to achieve the similar results.

Human translators are able to discern the expression that an individual is trying to communicate in his piece of writing that is usually absent from machine based translation, due to this phenomenon the machine-based translations failed to incorporate the true intention of the piece of writing and end up going after the literal interpretation of the words that are placed in the software.

Human beings are very expressive and have a high level of intellect that enables them to play with words, expressions and meaning of certain sentences. The meaning of a sentence changes with the situation and intention of the speaker, which the google translate fails to incorporate and understand but a human speaker has a clear idea of the situation can discern the intended emotion that the writer wants to communicate very easily and effectively.

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