Water damage during the dry summer months in Texas is a nightmare waiting to happen

The cellar is a region of the house where a burst pipe or leakage is difficult to see with naked eye. A nightmare waiting to happen, so don’t sleep on it and make sure to have your house inspected by a professional.
Texas State is known for its warm and sunny weather but due to recent environmental changes the state has suffered through some very harsh weather in form of heavy rains and floods, therefore it has become far more common for homes to suffer water damage that results due to harsh weather as well as maintenance problems.

It is extremely important to properly guard against the water damage, it is one of the leading causes that cause deterioration and cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Water damage is very dangerous for homes and can cause significant damage to a specific part of the property or in worst cases affect the entire structure. Water damage is usually caused by heavy rains, flooding or stagnant standing water near the property that can compromise the integrity of the structure. Therefore, it is extremely important to take precautionary actions in order to keep the property in proper condition and retain its original value. There are few simple steps that any homeowner can take to prevent or reduce the risk of water damage.

Dampness is responsible for majority of water damages, due to heavy rains and leaked pipes the water can seep into the cracks of the wall and weaken the structure, dampness also increases the growth of Mold and algae that can cause several disease including Asthma and allergic attacks. To guard against this dampness it is important to ensure that pipes running through the house are maintained in the proper condition any carpet that can absorb moisture should be properly cleaned and dried to ensure that insects and mold do not get a chance to grow.

The cellar is a region of the house where a burst pipe or leakage is difficult to see with naked eye, this water can accumulate over time and cause substantial damage to the beams and the surrounding structure of the house, a competent plumber, and regular maintenance can help reduce the water damage substantially.

Being vigilant and active in taking the proper care of the house is very important, carrying out frequent inspections of the house helps the homeowner in identifying a problem before it become too aggravated and causes substantial damage, these checks also help in identifying problems that could arise over time. Therefore, the best way to protect yourself against the water damage is to be active and keep a close eye on areas that remain hidden from the eyes such as plumbing, attic, and the cellar. 

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