The many fun filled activities to beat the heat in Texas

When people imagine Texas, they think of cowboys, heat and vast open heat stricken tundra, while this imagery may be accurate for some areas of the state but Texas has a vast area and offers a lot that can be used to beat the summer heat.

Due to this complex and diversified geography Texas offers a lot of different escapes that families can go to have fun and get an escape from the heat some of them are discussed below

There are several lakes scattered across the Texas State, some are very large and some small. One of the largest lake Lewisville packs plenty of outdoor activities that families can engage in to beat the heat back a little. Lewisville provides cool shady waters where you can enjoy swimming, water skiing and boating as well. The lake also holds a decent population of fishes like White Bass and White crappie, those that love fishing can enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the boat over the cool water of the lake.

If you are in a mood for hiking and being closer to Mother Nature, there are several parks located across the state. Guadalupe Mountains national park that is one of the coolest places in the entire state, located at 8749 feet the hill station has a very nice nippy weather that you can enjoy with your family, surrounding trails and picturesque locations are ideal to go on a hiking trip with your family and friends.

If you are in the mood for some adventure then you head out to the southern part of Texas to the Gulf of Mexico where you would be able to find amazing conditions near the coast. A bit more north you can enjoy the coast of Padre Island with beautiful scenery, food and amazing locations that you can visit with your friends and family. Texas also holds several festivals and dining options that you could enjoy with your family. If you don’t want to go on such adventures and want to simply relax at your home then a beautiful little swimming pool and pool parties with your friends and families is enough to beat back the ever present Texas Heat.

So great beaches, beautiful and peaceful lakes and amazing mountainsides, Texas has all the variations that you could ever desire. Despite being famous for heat this state certainly has the potential to be one of the greatest escape for your family holiday.

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