Princes of Rurik Dinasty at The Universal Lecture of Quijote

The Grand Prince and Grand Duke Jorge Rurikovich and The Grand Duchess Maryia Vladimirovna were invited at The International Lecture of Don Quijote in Esquivias, Toledo (Spain).

The International event took place at The City Hall of Esquivias and was officiated by The Major of Esquivias Elena Fernandez de Velasco and The President of Castilla La Mancha Maria Dolores de Cospedal; and was featured by Governments and Ambassadors of 25 different countries. 

To this important cultural event came The Ambassadors and representatives of the Embassies of Algeria, Azerbaijan, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Egypt, Estonia, Guatemala, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Palestine, Paraguay, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Bulgaria, Chile Peru, Costa Rica, US, Haiti, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Morocco, Mexico and Sweden.

At this important international event, each representant read a piece of Don Quijote in their mother tongue, therefore to keep the international response of peace and humanity amongst all cultures and races. 

The event took place in Esquivias for 8th consecutive year, as the place were Don Quijote married Catalina Salazar y Palacios; a right day to start the inauguration of The International Day of The Book 2015. 

The Sovereign Royal and Imperial House of Rurikovich preservs the roots and ancestors of The Rurik Dinasty, Cultural Patronage of The Russian History and patronage of the whole humanity.

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