Rayvision Incorporates Bullet Proof Security Measures In Accordance To MPAA and ISO Standards

In addition to providing high quality renderfarm services, Rayvision optimizes user experience by using bulletproof security measures for the interests and protection of all their customers.

June 23, 2015 – When it comes to hiring cloud render farm services, one of the biggest risks customers have to face is in terms of security. Lack of precautions violates an individual’s rights and data. Rayvision, however, stands out with respect to the high level of security measures implemented.

At a recent conference, a spokesperson for Rayvision said, “For us, the protection of our customers and their data is the number one priority. We take data security very seriously. With the professional hardware firewall systems installed, we guarantee that our clients will never have to face any sort of violation of rights.”

All the security measures undertaken by Rayvision are in accordance to the safety standards of MPAA and ISO, ensuring that all confidentiality agreements with customers are adhered to. Moreover, they have separate data storage, attributing to strict user authentication. The production areas in use are regularly upgraded according to the latest security measures available.

In addition, Rayvision provides client with a commitment to data safety before signing on. This aspect guarantees that registered information, uploaded files, rendered files/output, emails and other communication is not disclosed to third parties. Clients have the freedom to delete all files post rendering. Furthermore, the team at Rayvision offers collaboration on a legal basis by signing a “Non Disclosure Agreement”.

Rayvision does not only stand out because of their high quality services and worldwide popularity. One of the biggest reasons of their success today is their display of professionalism for the security and protection of their clients.

About the Company

Rayvision Inc. is an internet technology company that specializes in research into cluster rendering and parallel computing technology, providing computing services for cloud rendering. It is the pioneer of ‘self service could rendering’. Renderbus, its brand, was the first company in China to offer a cloud render farm platform.

For the purpose of providing consistent service for CG studios in the world, RAYVISION Inc. launched a family brand, “RAYVISION”, globally, based on Renderbus (its domestic brand) and FoxrenderFarm (its overseas brand), in 2014. Rayvision promises to provide global users with more excellent, stable and consistent cloud rendering service.

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