Rayvision Gains Worldwide Popularity With 1000+ Projects In 35+ Countries

Well known for their new branding Fox Render Farm, Rayvision has now become one of the most favored rendering service providers for CG studios all over the world.

June 23, 2015 – With over 1000+ projects under their belt, Rayvision has made a marked impact in the world of technological advanced computer graphics. Being the pioneers of self service cloud rendering, it comes as no surprise that the quality of their services have gained recognition in over 35 countries worldwide.

At a recent conference, a spokesperson for Rayvision said, “Today, we are honored to see that so many people from all over the world trust us with their projects. Our philosophy has always been to make the best of advancing technology in the computer graphics world, and with that, bring out the best in the final product.”

In addition to providing services for domestic CG animation production companies, Rayvision has provided highly professional services for mainstream animation companies like DreamWorks, American Industrial Light and Magic, SKG.

Mr. Hublot, a 3D animated short film, came under the category of Best Animated Short Film at the 86th Academy Awards (Oscars 2014). French short-film filmmaker, Laurent Witz said the following about his collaboration with Rayvision.

“As a small studio of 3D animation film in France, we need a lot of computing power to show our originality. This requires a greater number of computers than those used in the studio. Computer render cannot be finished without external support. Finally, we find Rayvision.”

Furthermore, Rayvision made its mark in Indian cinema, for their cinema 4D render farm services as well. Rakesh Roshan, filmmaker in India said,

“In this film, I try something new which has not been tried by Hollywood. All persons who saw such movie say that it looks like a Hollywood blockbuster, but I want to say that it is exactly a Hollywood blockbuster.”

His film Krrish, concluded its first week with 100% attendance, breaking records at the Indian Box Office.

Rayvision stands out from competition with their high levels of commitment to all the projects they work on. Their team comprises of highly professional and experienced members from Disney, DreamWorks, Lucas, and Sony. With an experience of more than 20+ years in the CG industry, they are now categorized as one of the best in the world.

About the Company

Rayvision Inc. is an internet technology company that specializes in research into cluster rendering and parallel computing technology, providing computing services for cloud rendering. It is the pioneer of ‘self service could rendering’. Renderbus, its brand, was the first company in China to offer a cloud-rendering platform.

For the purpose of providing consistent service for CG studios in the world, RAYVISION Inc. launched a family brand, “RAYVISION”, globally, based on Renderbus (its domestic brand) and FoxrenderFarm (its overseas brand), in 2014. Rayvision promises to provide global users with more excellent, stable and consistent cloud rendering service.

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