Knowledge First Financial Offers New RESP Options for Families

Knowledge First Financial is a leading provider of registered education savings plans for families. Now, the company is offering new options for investment in children’s education.

Knowledge First Financial is a recognized leader in the creation and maintenance of registered education savings plans or RESPs throughout Canada.  Now, the company is offering new options for families who are considering creating a RESP, including tax-deferred programs that help investments grow faster.

According to Knowledge First, Canadian parents and guardians can find a plan to suit almost any savings need.  When rapid accumulation of capital is necessary, tax-deferred plans may be the best option.  For slower, steady growth, a long-term investment strategy can meet the family’s requirements.  With a wide range of RESP options, including new plans sanctioned by the government, Knowledge First Financial can help students realize the dream of a college education and can help parents and guardians work toward financing the high cost of tuition and other expenses without putting undue financial hardship on the family.

Knowledge First Financial has been a leading provider of RESP consultation and guidance for 50 years.  Established in 1965, the company, offers leadership in RESPs and can help families provide the best opportunities for their children to pursue post-secondary education and a bright future.

Formerly known as USC Education Savings Plans, Inc., Knowledge First Financial has served hundreds of thousands of Canadian families with a commitment to growing and protecting education savings.  The company now has many additional options for RESPs, including secure, long-term growth from carefully selected investments; plans that are eligible for the Canada Education Savings Grant and other government incentives; and even tax-deferred plans that will help parents build a strong college tuition payment fund quickly. 

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About Knowledge First Financial: 

For 50 years, Knowledge First Financial has been offering Canadian families the option to save money for college tuition using a registered education savings plan.  The company offers many options for RESPs, including tax-deferred plans for rapid capital growth.

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