Music Photographer Miriam Rieck uses Social Media to Land her Dream Client

Miriam Rieck, Owner of Wylde Soul Photography, launches full-blown social media campaign to entice Josh Groban.

COLLEGE STATION, TX – After pursuing his entourage for over a year and a half, concert photographer Miriam Rieck is taking to social media to land her dream. Her goal is to create a buzz that will catch the attention of Josh Groban himself, his manager or a literary/photographic agent/agency that can bring her in the door to Josh Groban’s management.

Ms. Rieck is a member of the Professional Photographers Association and has been capturing her clients’ special moments professionally since 2013. Her goal behind the camera is to allow each scene to evolve while focusing on the heart of the moment, “The way a dancer closes her eyes when she (or he) has succumbed to the dance, I am drawn to the ‘it’ of whatever a person/band/musician has,” shared Miriam Rieck. “Nothing out there captures a moment like a camera. Memories can be fleeting but an image lasts forever.”

Specializing in the Arts, Wylde Soul Photography caters to musicians and dancers. The Wylde Soul Photography mission is to document an artist’s story in still imagery. Miriam Rieck wants to give fans a behind-the-scenes perspective and allow the images to tell the story.

“Working with Miriam has been nothing short of a fantastic experience. She brings the enthusiastic and energetic presence she carries herself with daily, into her work and art and the results are without a doubt better for it.  Miriam’s passionate eagerness to create new and beautiful art is inspiring… Every time we have worked with her it’s a new smile, a new happiness, a new face of excitement… whether she’s showing us her shots from the night before or seeing us for the first time in weeks.” — P Michael Hayes, Co-Founder Hazy Ray

Miriam is publishing a new post every day on her blog under the heading 104 Letters to Josh Groban. This blogging effort serves a dual purpose; as interesting content regarding the tour’s theatre choices and as a job application. After winning a media pass to a Josh Groban concert in November of 2013, Ms. Rieck knew he was an artist she wanted to photograph on tour. This is his first tour since that date. The number 104 signifies the number of days until Mr. Groban’s stage tour kicks off on September 12th.

To join in on the conversation follow Miriam on Twitter (@WyldeSoul) and Facebook.

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