Leadership Management International Singapore Reveals How To Create Positive Change In An Organization

The ability for an organization to change and adapt to a fast-changing business environment is the key to survival.

ONE COMMONWEALTH, SINGAPORE, June 24, 2014, “Change” is the only constant in our lives. Many huge companies that were once giants of industry have succumbed to the fast-changing business environment. Professionals know that without innovation, an organization dies. The challenge for today’s Leaders is to have the ability to push their staff to welcome and embrace changes, as it is not a choice, but a necessity. It often means unlearning old habits and concepts, and opening the door to learn new ideas and concepts that will bring the desired change within the company.

Leadership Management Singapore has risen to the top of their industry by providing leadership training that delivers measurable results. The difference between them and their competition is that they employ a learning process that is easily retained. LMI understands that people are resistant to change, which is often due to: Fear of the unknown, Narrow self-interest, Old habits, Lack of understanding, Resistance stemming out of cultural beliefs, An absence of proper context to the change, and Economic insecurities.

The company points out that any communication without proper context is prone to be misunderstood. Managers must understand these factors of resistance so they can more effectively communicate the reasons behind the benefits of change. Besides setting the right context, here are a few other tips that have proven to be very effective in creating a positive impact of change:

1. Management must be ready for resistance.

2. Make sure you give opportunities for expressing dissent.

3. Understand what self-interest is served by status quo and ensure it is not disturbed by the ensuing change.

4. Keep the channels of communication open.

5. Be clear in your communication.

6. Do not try to buy time by making incorrect promises or representations about change.

7. Be truthful yet tactful.

8. Be flexible but do not compromise with the goals behind the change.

The way a leader implement the changes in an organization has positive or negative consequences. One must be able to manage the resistance of the stakeholders with patience. It definitely involves leadership training Singapore, in that effective leaders can be trained and coached to become more effective communicators. Sales training is yet another aspect of the overall leadership management training that should be considered to meet today’s challenges due to the changing business environment. LMI’s team development and training programs will transform the way participants think, work, interact and live, bringing about permanent behavioral change. This concept translates into clearer business plans and strategies.

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