New Card Set “Stars of Magic” Immortalizes Icons of Magic

One of the most respected names in playing and Tarot cards, Lo Scarabeo is set to release a new playing card set that features the major figures in the history of magic entitled the “Stars of Magic”. The debut of this two deck set is set to coincide with the 26th World Championship of Magic and will feature important performers like Alexander Herrman, Chung Ling Soo, Giuseppe Pinetti, Harry Kellar and Harry Houdini. Each of the 54 white and 54 black background cards is lovingly and uniquely illustrated, making this set a must own item for practitioners and fans of magical performance.

Lo Scarabeo has created a truly breathtaking card set that commemorates some of the most important feats of magic in history. Images include some of the most death defying performances ever achieved like Houdini’s suspended straitjacket escape. In addition to the beautiful images that adorn the cards, these two decks are designed for use by magic performers.

There are a number of important features like subtle textural differences between front and back sides, minute modifications to the top and bottom of cards, and two extra black background cards for additional magic tricks. Lo Scarabeo has produced the “Stars of Magic” using the highest quality paper stock and image production to ensure that performers will use this collectible set for many years to come.

While the “Stars of Magic” will almost surely be a commercial success when released to the public, Lo Scarabeo is offering its fans the opportunity to obtain these decks at a discount prior to mass distribution. Lo Scarabeo has sponsored a campaign on Kickstarter for magic enthusiasts, allowing them to reserve a black deck, a white deck, limited edition decks, Golden Box editions, and multiple edition sets. Campaign backers will also enable Lo Scarabeo to reach its stretch goals which include adding additional cards for the Barracuda trick, Triple Enigma trick, Twister trick, White Prophecy trick, and Card Stunner trick. Any pledges for $350 or more are automatically rewarded with original artwork used in the “Stars of Magic” set.

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