Celebrate Year 60 By Swimming The English Channel For Charity

Sixty year old Douglas “Clydesdale” Comstock of www.GettingToGoal.com is doing something very few have ever been able to accomplish and he is doing it all in the name of charity. Mr. Comstock will attempt to swim the English Channel with 100% of sponsorships and donations that result from his adventure going to www.foodshare.org. Mr. Comstock considers himself an ordinary athlete with extraordinary mental toughness.

In July of 2015, he will attempt a solo swim crossing from Dover, England to Cape Gris Nez, France across the famed English Channel regarded as the Mount Everest of open water swimming. He hopes to raise $10,000.00 as a result of his swim.

People who would like to donate to or sponsor him can do so by visiting here: ­http://site.foodshare.org/GettingToGoal

Back in the 1980s Mr. Comstock developed mental toughness working on a fishing boat in Homer, Alaska. During the week he was fed well, but on weekends he was homeless and hungry. That experience left him wanting to give back and help those that are hungry, so he created this fundraiser to benefit Foodshare and East Granby’s “Friend to Friend” Food Pantry.

People In The USA Suffer From Hunger

News that there is a hunger problem in an affluent state like Connecticut may surprise some, but it is no joke.  According to Foodshares’ web site, “Our clients live in every single town in these counties, from the wealthiest suburbs to the most rural communities. They include people who were caught in the Great Recession, people squeezed between inflation and wage stagnation, people working in low-wage jobs and trapped in the poverty cycle, and retired people who can’t stretch their limited funds far enough. The majority of the 137,480 people are either children or seniors, and the majority of the rest are working full time jobs (or two).”

“I was moved to do something to not just raise money but increase awareness of this issue,” Comstock said. “That so many are in so much need should shock the sensibilities of every person who reads this and motivate them to make a contribution.”

Swimming The English Channel

More people have successfully scaled Everest than have swum across the English Channel and for good reasons. Like Everest, it is cold with high winds. Like Everest, breathing is challenge. For mountain climbers at high altitudes extra oxygen is available from tanks they carry with them.   Not so while swimming as Mr. Comstock will get his air one breath at time from just above the surface of the cold, choppy waters between the U.K. and France. Waves, current, 57F degree water temp and fatigue will be in the mix as well as the danger of hypothermia.

Endurance Swimming

The distance to swim is just over 21 miles. The time needed to make the crossing varies from as few as 7 hours to as many as 27 hours. The water conditions and the condition of the swimmer determine the time needed.

For such a long time in the water, swimmers have to figure out how and what to eat and drink during the swim. All this while greased from head to toe. Grease is the preferred (and only allowed) insulator for swimmers. Swimmers are not permitted to use any kind of material that offers buoyancy or thermal insulation. It is a brutal test of endurance. But Comstock is no stranger to those types of tests.

Average Athlete

Comstock is a former Alaska “Deadliest Catch” Commercial Fisherman, two-time finisher of the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon and black belt team member on the U.S. Intersport Karate team to Russia and Poland. Mr. Comstock has directed his own training company since 1981. He believes that he is more than up to the challenge as he is also regarded as a pre-eminent authority and corporate speaker on mental toughness. “As much of this and other challenges are about fitness, they are more about the state of mind of the person who undertakes them,” he said. “It’s easy to set a tough goal, achieving it is another story.”

Doug Comstock’s personal goal attainment and public generosity are excellent examples for everyone to follow and learn from.

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