Prowashers Offer Environmentally Friendly Commercial Dishwasher Range To Caterers

Prowashers go green with their latest range of dishwashers offering caterers the chance to make savings on both their energy and water bills.

As a leading supplier of commercial and industrial dishwashers in the UK Prowashers now offer a premium range of energy saving dishwashers to help caterers save money on both their water and energy bills. This is great news for restaurant and business owners who run commercial kitchens, as monthly energy bills that often make up a large part of a typical kitchens running costs, can be drastically reduced.

“This really is our best range of commercial dishwashers yet, not only can dishwasher owners save money but the environmental impact of running an industrial dishwasher on a regular basis is greatly reduced. The unique double skinned wash tank reduces both noise and heat emissions meaning less energy is needed to heat the water being used” commented the owner of Prowashers.

This innovative company is standing out from its competitors by offering a level of service and aftercare that is uncommon in the catering industry and this is really making the difference to its customers. As well as offering free next day delivery on all orders, they are also offering a free one year warranty meaning that business owners know that they’re going to be looked after when they buy a product.

Since the recession hit back in 2008 the commercial dishwasher industry has seen boom in sales, contrary to what many experts were forecasting. Sales figures for professional grade dishwashers have gone through the roof as business owners look to cut back on staff numbers and are instead opting for ways to automate the day to day tasks involved in the running of a kitchen. Owners are finding that with a little initial investment upfront, these machines soon pay for themselves in both time and energy savings.

It’s not just dishwashers that are selling in huge numbers either. The different demands and needs of commercial kitchens mean that the sales of more specialist dishwashers such as pass-through dishwashers, glass washers and pot and utensil washers, are also on the increase.

“Larger establishments are increasingly opting for larger machines such as rack-conveyors,” adds the owner of Prowashers. “The specialist machines really offer a hands off approach to dishwashing, their robust design and automated features really appeal to kitchen owners that are washing hundreds of items on a regular basis.”

Prowashers are now offering this energy saving range of dishwashers at to the entire spectrum of the market, from small businesses such as cafes and bars, to large establishments such as hospitals and hotels and fully expect their sales to continue to increase as more and more people opt for automated dishwashers.

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