Les Adkins – Social Media Specialist Shares Engaging Conversation on Business Innovators Magazine

Les Adkins, CEO and Founder of Orange SMS explains why it is so hard to define Social Media while sharing the simple path to “Get It Right”

Les Adkins was interviewed by Business Innovators Magazine host Craig Williams about why it is so hard to define social media even years after it has become mainstream.

Les explains, “If you ask the question, ‘What is social media?’  to five different people right now, you’ll get five different answers. If you ask the marketing person, the marketing person will say it’s another way to market your message. If you ask the advertising person, that advertising person will say it’s another way to advertise your message. What I’ve actually come to the conclusion in the last seven years of truly what is social media is it’s your digital presence; encompassing all points of your digital presence, meaning your platforms that you’re on, your website, any blogs that you might have, anything from a perspective of your digital hemisphere.”

Adkins goes on to discuss that the whole purpose of social media is engagement with your customers, or audience over all your digital platforms, not just what most people think of when they think social media, being Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. That means your website, Videos, Landing pages, advertisements and all forms of digital marketing should be included in the broad term of social media too.

Les also teaches that social media is about Education, Collaboration, Communication and Entertainment.

Les is currently working on his new book, “Get it Right” which will be launching later this year to help corporate businesses define and implement the key steps and systems needed for their social media processes.

Learn more about Les Adkins and Orange-SMS by visiting his website at http://Orange-SMS.com or read his interview on Business Innovators Magazine

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