Ofir Beigel Releases New Book Teaching About Bitcoin

Ofir Beigel announces his new book to help the non-technical person understand Bitcoin and build a business around it.

My Dirty Little Bitcoin Secrets will be released in late Summer 2015 on Amazon.com in the Kindle format.

Bitcoin, which is called a “crypto currency,” is a payment system invented in 2008.  It is described as the first decentralized digital currency.

Beigel, who himself earned $121,787 in his business around Bitcoin during 2014-2015, first saw the opportunity in the space surrounding the currency.  He then took his knowledge and went on to create his educational website, 99Bitcoins.  This site has the mission of educating people about Bitcoin without confusing jargon or requiring technical knowhow.

“I started 99Bitcoins because I believe Bitcoin is the future of money,” says Beigel.  “I find it mind-blowing that the most amazing piece of technology since the Internet has arrived and it’s not being used enough because it’s too difficult to understand. Just like the Internet took almost 10 years to reach a significant amount of adoption, so will Bitcoin probably. My job is to help people hop on board as easily as possible.”

The new book takes Beigel’s easy-to-understand approach to Bitcoin.  It also details a business built around the digital currency, with step-by-step methods.

Information about Beigel’s book release and Bitcoin can be found on his website, www.99bitcoins.com

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