Metro Nexus, a game where each level is animated by a different artist, now accepting tax-deductible donations via Hatchfund

Created by filmmaker-turned-indie developer Mark LaCroix, Metro Nexus is a charming, arcade-style cross-platform platformer/runner about fixing the transit systems of the world’s major cities, where each level’s art style (and all of the game objects, including the player) is designed and animated by a completely different artist!

Travel across every meter of a geometric Helsinki, the 1950s Detroit of tomorrow, or Dracula’s hometown by way of a Saturday morning cartoon.

But don’t get too distracted: you’re in a hurry! You’ll need to dodge/electrocute enemies and avoid derailing passenger trains, all while finding the best path though each city, because every section you revisit will bring your efficiency rating down… and look bad on your employee review!

To help fund the work of the contributing artists and secure a copy of the game when it is released later this year, players can donate to Metro Nexus via Hatchfund, a non-profit crowdfunding platform designed to promote artists, not products.

Bonus rewards include the game’s soundtrack, a t-shirt, and the ability to sign up as an early playtester.

The campaign is live NOW, and runs through Wednesday, July 15. And unlike most crowdfunding campaigns, donations to Metro Nexus are actually donations, meaning they are 100% tax-deductible

Learn more and donate at:


• Puzzle-platformer / looping runner.

• “Efficiency Rating” mechanic encourages replay value.

• Each level has unique art style from a different artist.

• Single-player, 2-player co-op, and 4-player competitive multiplayer.

• Easy to play, hard to master.

• Extendable game engine allows for new levels and art styles to be added.

• Cross-platform: PC/Mac, Android/iOS, micro-console.


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If you have any questions about the game’s unique concept or the inspiration behind it feel free to contact Mark LaCroix:

Interview/Podcast availability

Mark has experience as a radio DJ and live interviewer, and is available via phone/Skype/Hangouts to discuss Metro Nexus, independent game development, or any related topic on your podcast. 

About Mark LaCroix/Noble Robot:

Noble Robot is the home of filmmaker, designer, and developer Mark LaCroix’s software projects. With professional experience in interactive design and animation since 2005, Mark’s first mobile game, “Operators: The Game with Two Sides,” was selected as a finalist in a Sony-sponsored app contest. In a separate developer contest, he netted a free Blackberry Playbook, although that doesn’t seem to impress as many people as it used to.

Mark’s video and multimedia work can be seen at:

Noble Robot can be found at:

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