Music Promotion Services for Musicians to Gain More Internet Exposure Introduced by Music Talkers

Music Talkers have introduced a new music promotion service for musicians to boost their internet presence. Artists could get noticed by record labels, industry professionals and gain shed loads of extra fans. It could also be an ideal way to put your music out in-front of new ears of keen music fans. 

Now, users can build artist profile pages as well as distributing news and articles about new song and album releases across hundreds of websites (including many music related websites). Music videos and Soundcloud streams can also be embedded.

Music Talkers also has a large database of music industry contacts and subscribers, these include record labels and industry professionals. Musicians taking advantage of Music Talkers promotion packages automatically qualify to have their material distributed and showcased to such professionals.

The internet has made way for artists to build fan bases (literally out of their bedrooms). Platforms like Soundcloud, Youtube and Myspace give great opportunities for artists to gain exposure and promote music. Musicians are also getting discovered on a daily basis through social media in a way that has never been seen before.

With Such great music promotion methods available, this also breeds fierce competition. It’s often not enough to simply upload your songs to Youtube etc. Being one step ahead of the game and taking advantage of professional music promotion services like Music Talkers provides, gives musicians that extra advantage they need to stand out from the crowd.

Spreading your band or artist name across the internet and showcasing new material to music industry professionals is one way to give you that extra edge over other musicians. It will also give a musician or bands name better credibility having large websites report about their music.

About lets both signed and unsigned musicians create free profiles. Musicians can upload and showcase their material. In addition, they can also embed their Soundcloud feed into their profile. Each profile includes a search engine friendly URL which in effect acts like a ‘mini website’ discoverable in all search engines. Music Talkers also reports on the latest most interesting music news. Users can comment and discuss on the latest topics.

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