River Stone’s New Book of Poetry “Curiosity in the Closet” is a Masterful and Eloquent Exploration of Love and Sex

Poets have been writing about love and intimacy since the creation of language, but each generation finds its own lexicon to describe these emotional and physical interactions. One of the finest writers of this present generation, River Stone, has created a monumental work that lays bare the human soul and adds new colors to the depiction of love.

Her latest masterpiece is entitled “Curiosity in the Closet” and is written in a raw, confessional style that will immediately draw in readers and leave them breathless long after completing it.

“Curiosity in the Closet” is the follow up to River’s successful debut book, “A Book of Poetry: Life” which earned critical acclaim from fellow writers and literary authorities like Dr. Terry Novak, who said, “River Stone’s work reminds one of the canons of the Confessional Poets Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton. “Curiosity in the Closet” is more than a second act in the bright career of one of New England’s promising, young poets, it is a fulfillment of that potential: masterfully artistic, insightful and honest.

“Curiosity in the Closet” includes ten sections of interrelated poems and photographs. River Stone is inviting her fans to support this beautiful work of art by pre-ordering copies through her crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Backers can obtain signed copies of “Curiosity in the Closet”, full color photos, and personal notes of gratitude from River Stone.

To learn more about “Curiosity in the Closet” or to order a copy, please visit http://kck.st/1N2R9Er

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