Skinny Tea Online Moves Warehouse To Hong Kong For Better Global Distribution Of Slimming Sensation has formulated an Australian weight loss product that has taken the world by storm, and has caused the company to move their HQ to create an improved global distribution network.

There is a palpable air of excitement in the Skinny Tea Online (STO) headquarters, as they make final preparations to move their central warehouse to Hong Kong, so their product, which has exploded in America, can more quickly and easily be shipped worldwide. The move comes as they release a new and improved version of their successful Skinny Tea for weight loss, which when used for 14 or 28 Days can help women shed real pounds while remaining 100% natural and safe. 

The new formula includes 30% more ingredients in every single tea pouch, with a view to making the product even more effective than ever. After its growing popularity overseas, the move to Hong Kong will come at no cost to the consumer, and the company has already committed to 100% free shipping worldwide. 

The move ensures customers in the United States and United Kingdom, the second and third biggest markets for the product, have ready access to the Skinny Tea Online product. Projections already suggest these will take over the home market in a matter of months, as early Weight Loss Tea Reviews in these countries have come back overwhelmingly positive.

A spokesperson for Skinny Tea Online explained, “For the past three months American women have been going crazy over our product, which has been featured on countless popular TV shows thanks to it being both effective and affordable. Because it makes the impossible challenge of losing weight possible, waves of celebrities have lost a significant amount of body fat with their 14-Day Tummy Toner and 28-Day Full Body Day Programs. The combined effect is proven to not just rapidly burn fat off your physique but as importantly, to flush out all the destructive toxins in your body and increase your metabolism, all without harming your immune system, results and first hand accounts can be seen on the companies Facebook and Instagram profiles. 

This movement is the beginning of a worldwide weight loss revolution. The secret is a special combination of ingredients, which have been developed by Skinny Tea Online founder Maddie along with Chinese doctors and natural medicine specialist from around the world. Drawing on natural benefits of key ingredients Green Tea, which speeds up the metabolism and reduces the appetites, Senna Leaf and Licorice Root, which encourage safe and natural bowel movement and Jasmine Flowers, which detoxify the digestive tract.” 

About Skinny Tea Online:

Skinny Tea Online was born off the back of the amazingly popular slimming tea from herbal remedy Company Elruh Tea Pty Ltd. As a brand STO now stand for amazing quality and taste in each and every one of their flavors, with effectiveness as their foundation stone. They encourage the Skinny Tea Online community to live life to the fullest, explore the world, eat clean and stay active. Now offering super fast shipping worldwide with new and more powerful formulas.

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