The organizational tools are back with new and improved designs and colours to complement your lifestyle: Klipper, Klinger, Kuddles, and Keeper

iVue is introducing their newly redesigned ‘Must Have’ organizational tools!  An ingenious set of organizational tools to complement your lifestyle: Klipper, Klinger, Kuddles, and Keeper.  Here’s what each one does:  Klipper organizes your cables and keeps them in place on any surface, Klinger attaches to your clothes to keep ear buds and headphone cables under control while you’re on the go, Kuddles is a whimsical companion to hold your phone in just about any setting you can imagine, and Keeper extends the life of your Lightning and MacBook charging cables by protecting them from damage during everyday use.

Although the original designs are still popular, the iVue team went back to the drawing board to improve the products further and came back with some exciting changes.

Klipper organizes your cables and keeps them in place on any smooth surface, Klinger can stick to your clothes and keep your headphones tangle free and ear buds in place while you’re on the go, Kuddles is a quirkily shaped device to hold your phone in almost all the places and Keeper extends the life of Lightning and Macbook cables by preventing damages caused by daily use.

For those of you who are tired of losing cables behind your desk, struggling to tell which cable goes where, and just weary of the clutter of countless cables, then you’ll be interested in the updated version of Klipper.  Klipper is a minimalistic cable tamer that adheres to any surface using the latest 3M peel and stick adhesive, keeping your cables where you can always find them.  Klipper now has slots for two cables instead of just one (while maintaining the same size) and includes many more colors to choose from.  Whether you are a power user with a tons of cables spread on your desk, or just someone that needs to keep their charging cords where they can reach them, then Klipper is for you.

Headphone and ear bud users who enjoy their music on go know about the struggle with tangled, unruly cords.  Klinger is a simple yet fashionable magnetically attached accessory worn on the move, keeping earphone cables neat, untangled and light on the ears. Klinger now has a more powerful magnet than before, is made of a combination of durable ABS and thermoplastic elastomer material, and is also available in new styles and colors to complement anyone’s look.

Have you ever just wished for something simple, flexible, and reliable that you can use to secure your phone while you are on the go, whether you’re at the gym, in the car, at the shopping center, or at work?  Kuddles is just that – an adjustable silicone companion that can maintain a solid grip on your phone in any setting.  Whether you need to hang it from the weight machine, stand it up at your desk, strap it to your bike, or hang it up in the bathroom, Kuddles can do it.  Previously, Kuddles was just available as a human figure or a monkey figure, but now iVue is releasing both an animal and an alien series of styles.

Keeper was originally developed by iVue as a response to the damage experienced by Apple iPhone and iPad lightning cables lack of a built-in strain relief system:  daily plugging/unplugging of these cables results in charging cables being damaged and rendered unusable after just a few months of regular use.  Thanks to the easy to use Keeper, iPhone and iPad users were provided with an attractive two-click solution to damaged cables, saving both money and worry in the process.  Keeper is now going to be manufactured using a new mold for an even more precise fit, and a new array of vibrant colors (including four metallic colors).

The iVue team is offering these tools at a huge discounts, which are available under various pledges on KickStarter.

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