These greetings cards with sarcastic quotes will leave the receiver laughing out loud!

Greeting cards are one thing that don’t get out of style and make a great gift when you don’t have much idea about what present to buy for someone. Most importantly, they express your feelings and emotions in beautifully written words. But wait! Aren’t we all bored of the regular greetings cards printed with roses and teddies, carved with sweet rhymes. Bettie Confetti, the newly launched collection of greeting cards aims to change the way greeting cards are presented to the world. Unlike the conventional cards, these cards are printed with anti-diplomatic and sarcastic quotes.

Within five months of launch of these card collections on Etsy, the response has been overwhelming. The card collection is for those who can take an honest compliment but with a hint of sarcasm and don’t get easily offended. There are a variety of designs available which are suitable for various occasions and various age groups apart from the youth. One of the quote in the cards reads: ‘Happy Birthday to a friend I’m fairly certain I’ll be able to tolerate till I turn 40’. This sort of card given to a close friend will surely give them a good laugh instead of a normal smile. Afterall, one can only try to humorously offend someone they’re close to and who wouldn’t mind taking a joke on themselves.

Another card from the collection congratulating for the new pregnancy says: ‘You’re so not prepared for this shit’! This card is brutally honest but hilarious at the same time that one who receives it will remember for a long time.

The maker is currently selling their product on Etsy and aims to create her own e-commerce site for which a lot of funds are required. The printing of cards on top quality paper, establishing an individual website and involving the wholesalers will require a lot of budget for which the maker is raising funds.

To know more about this project, share and contribute you can visit their KickStarter campaign.

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