Those fathers and sons who both won the NBA championship rings

In NBA history, there are only four sets of father and son who both got the championship rings.

In NBA history, there are only four sets of father and son who both got the championship rings. They are certainly the lucky people because a lot of good NBA players failed to get a championship ring during their career.

A few days ago, the player Thompson got his life’s first replica super bowl rings and his father Mitchell Thompson who already won two championships. The old Mitchell was the 1978 draft pick but he did not get good performance during his career in the team Lakers. Now, his son, Clay Thompson, has become the core of the Warriors team.

The second pair of father and son is Luke Walton and Bill Walton. Father Bill Walton was the strongest NBA center during his career. In 1977, he led the Blazers won the final championship ring and he also led Celtics win the championship in 1986. However, his son Luke also won two championships with the Lakers in 2009 and 2010.

The third pair of father and son is Rick Barry and Brent Barry. The old Barry help Warriors won the championship 40 years ago and little Barry helped Spurs won twice custom super bowl rings during 2005 and 2007.

The 4th championship father and son should the old Nelson and the little Nelson. In 1969, old Nelson helped Celtics won the final championship. However, the little helped Dallas Mavericks won the championship in 2011 as the team general manager.

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