Creator of Guardian Leather Micro Suction Case Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Production Funds

The creator of the Guardian Leather Micro Suction iPhone 6 case has launched an IndieGoGo Campaign to raise funds for the production of this unique and useful item. The Guardian case features sturdy construction and a stylish look.

The Guardian Leather Micro Suction iPhone 6 case was created to address specific problems that many phone cases have. A phone case should provide full protection without impairing use of the phone. Most leather cases come with cheap looking plastic frames or poorly designed leather pockets. They are unattractive and very frustrating to use. The Guardian case combines high-quality 100 percent handcrafted leather with advanced micro-suction technology to create the ultimate functional and protective leather phone case.

The Guardian Case gives you the freedom to use your phone in the way it was intended by the manufacturer. Many iPhone flip cases are made with required holders or plastic frames that make them look cheap and impair functionality. A common problem is that you cannot use your phone in a docking station or car holder with these cases.

The Guardian Case is made with micro-suction technology that enables you to take your phone out and place it back in easily. The micro-suction material consistsof millions of microscopic suction cups that attach the phone with a vacuum; they hold the phone tightly and yet allow you to take it out easily without leaving marks or signs on the back of your phone. You can repeat this action over and over again without wearing out the material. This makes it simple to safely attach the phone to surfaces.

The corners of the case are made of strong, durable, high-quality leather material that provides true protection. The case is designed in a way that makes it easy to place the phone in the correct position inside.

The Guardian case comes with two utility pockets so that you can easily fit your money, credit card and even your earphones into it and carry them with you.


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All money acquired through the IndieGoGo campaign will be used for a first-run production of the Guardian Leather Micro Suction Case for iPhone 6.  Additional funds will be used for further production, distribution and marketing.

Located at, the Guardian’s IndieGoGo page offers several levels of pledge opportunity paired with exciting perks.  Pledge levels range from $10 to $12,000 and incorporate prizes from Guardian leather cases to a helicopter tour of Israel.  

For more information on individual pledge levels and their associated perks, visit the IndieGoGo page.

About Guardian Leather Micro Suction Case:  

The Guardian Leather Micro Suction Case for iPhone 6 is a handcrafted, quality phone case that solves several of the problems associated with other leather phone cases.  The creator of this protective, practical and attractive phone case has now launched a funding opportunity at IndieGoGo to raise money for the production and distribution of this unique product.




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