A New Era for Airwheel Intelligent 2-wheeled electric scooter

On June 18th, Airwheel 2015 New Product Release Conference was wrapped up in Sheraton Wanda Hotel, Changzhou, Jiangsu. During the conference, Airwheel launched two brand new products. A3, a revolution in intelligent scooter industry, surprised everyone at present. Let’s go and see how it ushers in a new era for intelligent scooter.

On June 18th, Airwheel held 2015 New Product Release Conference. Airwheel A3, as the new product in the new series, is exciting and revolutionary, which shocks people most and establish a new milepost for intelligent scooter industry. This courageous and subversive product completely changes the image of traditional intelligent scooter. With the release of A3, Airwheel self-balancing scooter changes people’s stereotype that electric scooter is only for short-distance trip, because standing for a long time is too tired. A3’s saddle makes the change from standing-posture to sitting-posture possible, so long-distance trip more than 5 miles becomes reality. Commuters who live in countryside can ride to downtown now; people can go for an outing to the nearby town now; students can ride between the two campuses easily now. Sitting while riding makes your lives easier and more comfortable.

Nowadays, sporting APP is so popular. To provide better riding experience, Airwheel A3 has its own APP to monitor the statistics, control the scooter’s condition and adjust the scooter. Via APP, you could control your A3, turning on the lights, locking and unlocking A3, GPS and so on. You can ride your scooter following your bent without worrying about any problems.

In addition, Airwheel adds the electronic brake system to ensure users’ safety. The stopping response time is 0.5 second, which controls the stopping distance within 50 centimeters. Besides, Airwheel A3 has original hydraulic suspension, which makes your trip smooth and comfortable. Even if you ride on bumpy lanes, you will never feel uncomforted. The hydraulic suspension is installed under the saddle. This suspension has the ability to abate the impact and vibration.

Besides, Airwheel A3 is compact and portable. Though there is a saddle unlike others, its foldable anti-skidding pedal saves space. A3 takes up only 0.25-metre-square space when parking. Therefore, you take A3 to the office, the library and the subway. 

Airwheel intelligent scooter is a new start in the electric scooter industry. With the development of science and technology, A3 will be more refined and more acceptable in the future. Let’s go and buy Airwheel A3.

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