The Winning Eco-friendly Ideas: Penang Car-free Day Is to Be Regularized, Airwheel self-balancing scooter Plans to Be a Regular Participant

The Sepang circuit car-free day demonstrated people’s growing awareness of the environmental problems. And now Malaysia wants to tell the world that it has decided to take effective measures for environmental protection. Airwheel is a necessary part of these measures.

After Sepang circuit car-free day has drawn great attention from the public, Malaysia now decides to tell the world that it have decided to take effective measures for environmental protection. In the International Environment Day, a grant car-free day ceremony was held in Penang again. And now Malaysia wants to set the car-free day a monthly routine ceremony in its own country to arouse the world’s attention to environmental protection. Airwheel, as the producer of intelligent and eco-friendly transport vehicles, will follow every event for Airwheel always aims to contribute to a green and comfortable environment for human beings.

Airwheel always devotes itself to the spread of eco-friendly transport, and tries to provide consumers with best eco-friendly and comfortable transport vehicles. Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters are portable and fashionable; and they are also the products with zero emission of air pollution and great performance in safety and saving energy. The most advanced technologies are applied into Airwheel products, so they can cover a long travel distance with a little cost. For every 100 km, Airwheel electric scooters will take just 1 kWh, which is also the best proof of Airwheel’s eco-friendly ideas. 

Penang is a port city, so people here experience the traditions, life and beauties of a costal style. The ceremony in this month was held in a retro street. When the retro Athens style buildings met Airwheel the modern intelligent vehicles, the perfect combination of classic and fashionable beauty was unique and tempting. Even the aged Muslim lady wanted to have a trial of the new born intelligent scooters. Here the gap between the history and the modern times blurred.

All models of Airwheel electric scooters were exhibited in this ceremony. The X and Q series unicycles were the most favourable series of the young group. Yet the elders preferred to the S series which is much easier to learn. Whatever age groups or social class you are in, there will be the most suitable products for you in Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters. 

Welcome to the monthly car-free day in Penang, Airwheel is waiting here for you. 

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