They Are Different in A Thousand Ways, But They Are All Airwheel Electric Scooters

Different series of Airwheel products give people different riding experiences. They may be different in a thousand ways, but they are all Airwheel electric scooters.

Different product series of Airwheel electric scooters may be different from each other in a thousand ways. But they are all the transport vehicles which perfect your life. 

Airwheel Q series products are especially designed for the young groups. Q series products are twin-wheeled vehicles which are easier to handle than X series. In Q series, Q1 is the most “cute” model in all Airwheel intelligent scooters. Their colours and contours are very tempting to young people, especially to young girls. Airwheel Q3 is specially designed for extreme sports. The specially designed twin wheels offer better stability to the vehicles. So with Airwheel Q3, players are able to perform difficult movements like jumps. The fashionable and special designs of Airwheel Q series products make them the best choices of young people.

Airwheel X series products are especially designed for the public who desire for a more convenient and fashionable life. Different from the Q series, Airwheel X series are one-wheeled electric vehicles. So they require more balance skills from riders. Also with only one wheel, they are the lightest vehicles in Airwheel products. So for office workers and students, they are the best choice because they are easier to carry. Though X series intelligent scooters are more difficult to handle than Q series, there are still skilled riders who finish amazing movements with Airwheel X series; so Airwheel X series scooters are also the best toys of those who love challenges and adventures.

Airwheel S series electric scooters are the high-end products in Airwheel. Different from the above two series, Airwheel S series products have two wheels, which make them the most stable vehicles among all Airwheel products. Also they have the best performance in power and range the enable you to travel as far as 60 km. Also because of the two wheels, S series products are the easiest to be controlled in all Airwheel products. Also the business styles in the designs of S series scooters make them the favourite intelligent scooters of successful business people. 

The same point of them is the consumer-oriented ideas in designing and producing Airwheel products. Consumers’ benefits are always the first consideration of Airwheel.

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