This Is Just One Wheeler, But This Is the Wheeler That Amazes You Again and Again—Airwheel Electric Unicycles

Have you ever figured out how much your life will be changed by just ONE WHEELER? It’s unimaginable that the one wheeler of Airwheel electric unicycles is where amazing happens.

Airwheel electric unicycles are the one-wheel transport vehicles which have brought revolutionary riding experiences to consumers. So Airwheel unicycle players, do you still remember the amazements that Airwheel intelligent unicycles brought you? 

The amazing power of Airwheel electric self-balancing unicycles is the first feature that amazes people. Though with such a small-sized vehicle body, the top-quality ensures a strong power performance to Airwheel scooters. The top burden capacity of Airwheel unicycles is 120 kg, with which these vehicles still can travel as far as 23 km at 18 km/h. Yet such a powerful performance doesn’t make Airwheel unicycles the “volatile Longbeards who may ‘explode’” anytime because Sony battery cores are the most stable among products of the same kind.

The extreme portability of Airwheel intelligent unicycles is the second impressive feature to people. Benefiting from its small-sized vehicle body and one wheel, Airwheel intelligent unicycles weigh only 10 kg which is much easier to be carried even by young girls. Everywhere you go, you can take your Airwheel unicycles: on the buses, subways, in your room and even in the small lockers in supermarkets. Also because of its small size and light weight, the powerful Airwheel intelligent unicycles can be rode in any road conditions. You can ride your unicycle in the parks, in the shopping mall, on the sidewalks and so on.

The most astonishing surprise and amazement Airwheel unicycles give riders is the creation of riders that is aroused by Airwheel unicycles. There are countless usages invented by Airwheel intelligent scooter riders. The most fashionable and coolest usage is from the extreme sport players. Before the Airwheel unicycles are invented, nobody can imagine that extreme sports can also be made with electric vehicles. Many cool movements, like jumps, speed turn, single-leg riding, and linking-legs revolving, make you the coolest extreme players on the street. Creative Airwheel unicycle players also created usages like pushing the baby carriage, walking the pet dogs and so on. Only the ground will be your limitation.

This is the amazing things, which the one wheeler of the Airwheel electric unicycle brings us. Eager to experience it?

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