Airwheel Intelligent self-balancing electric scooters Believe: We Are Not Unsocial, We Are Unique.

It’s usual that when a new and innovative product is invented, the first users are always thought to be unsocial. Because people may ask, “What the hell is that?” or “why don’t use…” But a product attracting more and more people is generally a future successful product. Airwheel intelligent scooters are the newly born intelligent products which attract more and more people.

Intelligent scooters had been thought to be the unsocial products because of their futuristic ideas and creative designs. They were powered by electricity. So such small-sized scooters were thought to be not powerful or unable to travel for a long distance, considering the traditional electric vehicles. Or the safety performances of the products were also hot issues because there were accidents caused by battery problems. Many reasons made intelligent scooters the minority products for a long time. But Airwheel has told the public that Airwheel products are unique rather unsocial.

Because of their top-quality hardware and software, Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters are powerful and safe vehicles. Airwheel chooses the best vehicle units for its products. So it chooses Sony or Panasonic lithium battery core as the power bank, Cheng Shin the top 10 Chinese tire brands as the tire provider, hi-tech Nano material forming the resin shell of the body, noise-free maglev motor, and the most advanced intelligent CPU for its products. The top quality of its hardware and software ensures the strong performance of Airwheel products in stability, power and safety. 

The designs of Airwheel electric scooters also make them the unique products. The fashionable designs on the vehicle appearances make these scooters the most attracting point on the road. The tilting protection, speed protection, and low battery warning all ensure you a safe riding experience. The futuristic ideas of eco-friendly and convenient transport have made Airwheel products the new toys of city trendsetters. The practicality-oriented design ideas in Airwheel products have aroused consumers’ creation in riding Airwheel electric scooters, like extreme sports, camera shooting, walking pet dogs and so on.

Airwheel intelligent scooters are unique and futuristic vehicles. They are the future of city transports, and they also will be your best friends in your life. So, why don’t you experience the uniqueness of Airwheel scooters? 

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