Island Photography Sounding Rocket Integrates Aerospace Engineering and Photographic Arts

While rocketry has been in use for many decades with a number of scientific, commercial and military applications, it has almost never been used for artistic purposes. A new Hawaiian initiative headed by Mason DuPont called Island Photography Sounding Rocket (IPSR) will use the impressive potential of aerospace engineering to capture unique photographs of the Hawaiian Islands. This historically important project will not only serve to teach others that engineering feats are achievable by anyone, but that scientific accomplishments like this can have important implications for the ecological, tourist and artistic fields.

Island Photography Sounding Rocket will use a low altitude sounding rocket that will be designed, crafted and assembled by seven Hawaiian high school students. These passionate engineers, designers and marketers intend to use the IPSR as a high altitude platform for taking photographs of the main Hawaiian island as well as the island chain. Using the latest materials, technology and science, the team members will be able to produce a safe, successful launch and recovery which will produce photos of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands in a way never seen before. The team will also be utilizing advanced technologies like 3-D printing to create rocket components.

The Island Photography Sounding Rocket is an ambitious project that requires your support for success. Many of the rocket components must be exactingly machined, which is a costly process. To raise the $4,999 needed to purchase materials and components, the IPSR team has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. In return for your generous support, you can receive valuable perks like Thank You videos, Hawaiian postcards, T-shirts, 4”x 6” framed photos, 8”x 10” framed photos, hoodies, 16”x 20” canvas, 24”x 32” canvas, 30”x 30” canvas, 30”x 40” canvas, 40”x 60” canvas, 5” inch model of the rocket, name memorialized in the lava fields, dinner with the team, or hand delivered photos by the IPSR team.

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Company Name: Island Photography Sounding Rocket (IPSR)
Contact Person: Mason Heremoana DuPont
Country: United States