Where does one put the marketing budget this year! Baylor study reveals that it may be more profitable investing in tomorrow

Small business marketing is a nightmare, with tighter marketing budgets and heavier than ever competition, its no wonder why most small business owners just give up completely on internet marketing all together. However a quick 90 day study by four students at Baylor University revealed that the long term play may be the only real way net real profit.

Small business owners have the undaunting tasks of trying to balance patience and perseverance. Patience in solving the algorithmic equation to be found on today’s world wide web now that the paper directories are becoming less and less popular as sources of info and more and more popular as kindle for fireplaces. Perseverance in working harder and harder only to see earned income going back out the door to pay for their monthly advertising bills. Getting found is only a portion of the equation, once the business does earn the real estate they worked and paid highly for, the next step is that same business must display a perfect track record, i.e. reviews  and essentially a wonderful visual experience, i.e. website to “hopefully” convert that viewer into an actual call, form fill out, or better yet an actual job.

Studies were conducted by four college seniors majoring in marketing analysis and trends at Baylor university in which the primary focus was on successful marketing campaigns by 25 small window cleaning companies employing 1 to 11 employees. Each business was awarded a 2 thousand dollar marketing budget over a 3 month period with the goal of receiving a three to one return on their money (pretty low expectations by comparison 11 years ago before the internet age) Each business owner could spend the budget any way they desired. Each business had the same resources, builders, advice etc. Out of the 25 businesses 5 choose to build a website and spend the rest on Google Ads.  Four business owners decided to build a site and spend 50% on Google Ads and 50% of the remainder on other directory ads online. Six of the 25 businesses then allotted all of their funds six thousand dollars to be spent in the first month on social media buys and the remaining ten business owners decided to build a multiple campaigns stemming from small social integration to light adwords and organic building processes all redirecting to a simple conversion site. The study had a few other dynamics and factors to take into consideration, however these defined the basics. 

Results were followed and recorded and the students came to a conclusion. Furthermore, the business owners that invested every dollar into google ads averaged a 17% higher return then the group that spent money on Google ads and other directory ads online the top window cleaning group netting close to $15,480. The same group had a 24% higher rate of return then the social spenders and nearly a 65% better return than the diversified group that spent their budget on organic build outs. With the winner’s clearly defined for the 3 month trial the four students then decided to keep tabs to see which business owner’s if any actually provided for the future success of their companies marketing strategies. all but one group saw zero return on their budget after month 3. To the students surprise, the diversified business owners, that invested funds in organic programs experienced returns for the following 9 months trickling in for a grand total of $39,571 at the highest. 

In conclusion, maybe the cliche good things come to those that wait rings true even in this fast paced 179 billion dollar industry we know so well and love to hate. 

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