Cedric Bouet-Willaumez Opens Psychotherapy Clinic in London

Prominent French psychotherapist Cedric Bouet-Willaumez has now opened a therapy and counselling clinic in the Harley Street area of London in the United Kingdom. The clinic provides a range of services including life-coaching, hypnotherapy, couples counselling, treatment for eating disorders, grievance counselling, treatment for post-natal depression, anger management, and addiction therapy.

Mr Bouet-Willaumez, a member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, has been a qualified and practicing psychotherapist for over ten years, working at different times for the National Health Service, the private sector, and voluntary work. In addition to his private practice, he currently works as the head counsellor at the Holborn Medical Centre in central London, where he treats patients referred to him by National Health Service doctors for short-term counselling, as well as manages the intake of patients to the facility and supervises the trainee counsellors. 

Mr Bouet-Willaumez has been a guest lecturer and seminar leader at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education in London, where he runs workshops that teach other psychotherapists about Gestalt Therapy. He is also a member of the executive committee of the Multi-Lingual Psychotherapy Centre, where he lends his knowledge and expertise to the research and exploration of multilingual practice. 

One of the founding goals of Mr Bouet-Willaumez’s new clinic is to make psychotherapy available to people without convenient access to a qualified therapist, whether because of living in a remote location or due to work or travel commitments. For this reason, online therapy sessions delivered via Skype will be available from the clinic to all patients.

Mr Bouet-Willaumez is also accredited by the International Coach Federation as a corporate life-coach. His services are ideally suited to middle and senior-management professionals based in London who are looking to develop their leadership and motivational skills. 

In addition to Mr Bouet-Willaumez, there are a number of highly qualified, very friendly and helpful therapists and counsellors based out of the Harley Street clinic. It is one of the aims of the clinic to be able to deliver any and all specific psychotherapy services, and for that reason it employs experts in many different branches of modern therapeutic technique.

The couples’ therapy provided by the clinic is not limited to relationship counselling. Mr Bouet-Willaumez has experience of working with couples with healthy relationships but who are looking to maximise their ability as parents to help their children achieve their full life potential. 

The addiction therapy services at the clinic are designed to help rebuild the emotional health and self-reliance of people whose lives have been destroyed by addiction. The clinic accepts patients suffering from alcohol addiction, drug addiction, gambling addiction and sex addiction. All addiction counselling is on a one-to-one basis, which many people prefer to group therapy sessions. 

The clinic operates an open-ended counselling policy; there is no upper limit on the number of sessions patients can have if they feel they require continuous therapy. A strict patient confidentiality policy is in place at all times. No details of patient conditions and treatments will ever be shared with any external parties under any circumstances.

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Phone: +44 (0)7876 035 119
Address:1 Harley Street
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