ANS Performance Launches a Nighttime Thermogenic Fat-Burning and Recovery Supplement in North America

New Diablo PM puts the proven fat-burning properties of Diablo into a formula designed to work while you sleep.

ANS Performance, a leading Canadian developer of a full line of athletic performance supplements, is pleased to announce the North American launch of Diablo PM, a thermogenic fat-burning and recovery supplement that targets and burns fat and supports relaxation while you sleep. 

Originally developed for the Australia/New Zealand market, where it quickly became the top-selling product of its kind following its release in September 2014, Diablo PM will now be available through retailers across Canada and the U.S.A.

“It’s a genuine customer-demand success story,” says Armen Anderian, Vice President of ANS Performance. “One of our customers in New Zealand thought it would help to deliver the advantages of Diablo in a nighttime formula so that users could enjoy the benefits around the clock. As soon as it hit the market, it took off.”

Developed specifically for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the original Diablo formulation includes safe and effective natural ingredients to promote fat breakdown, improve fat transport to cell mitochondria (often called the “powerhouse of human cells”) and increase the efficiency of fat’s thermogenic conversion into energy and heat.

Diablo PM offers similar benefits to Diablo in a formulation developed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress. In so doing, Diablo PM helps athletes get their rest, recover from their workouts and continue to burn fat, all while they sleep.

Athletes can use Diablo PM as a standalone fat burner or in conjunction with the original Diablo. 

ANS Performance developed Diablo following the success of their most popular product, Ritual, which is a leading pre-workout formulation that safely and effectively boosts energy, extends endurance and improves muscle performance for athletes and fitness buffs alike. Ritual set a new benchmark for pre-workout formulas following its release in April of 2013. It quickly became the highest-rated, top-selling pre-workout formula on the market.

Diablo PM joins the full line of innovative, powerful supplements offered by ANS Performance in the North American market. Every ANS Performance product formulation is backed by peer-reviewed science and real-world testing to prove its quality and efficacy.

“We look to our customers to guide our product research and development,” says Anderian, “and Diablo PM is a perfect example of that.” 

About ANS Performance

A division of Advanced Nutraceutical Sciences Inc., the ANS Performance brand is synonymous with innovation and prides itself on the production of safe and effective products that deliver value to both customers and retail partners.

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