3D printers are helping innovators, inventors and really skilled DIYers to model anything, invent anything. The sky’s the limit. Oh, but wait, you only get basic colors to choose from. WHAT??!!

June 29 Irvine, CA – A new Kickstarter campaign [] to co-op production of six new colors of 1.75 mm PLA filament has just launched by design experts Tom and Tracy Hazzard, who run product design firm, Hazz Design, and the popular WTFFF?!! 3D Printing podcast on iTunes. Their aim – share the costs of a custom filament order with other 3D printing enthusiasts and expand the color range. The six new colors were designed by Tracy, a color expert who provides semi-annual, retail color trend reports to design clients. The new colors – titled Fir Tree, Crimson, Coral, Audrey Aqua, Iris and Orchid — were based on her assessment of the biggest color gaps for consumer 3D printing.

“As designers, we’ve been really frustrated by how the filament color choices have limited us,” said Tracy. “But I don’t think it’s just because we’re designers. I can’t imagine being a consumer user, trying to print something as a gift and not being able to do it in fun or favorite color. For professionals, more colors means better differentiation, especially when it comes to designing a product that will actually sell.”

Based on the couple’s highest consumption rate, the minimum production order – 300 spools of any single custom color – far outstripped their usage. The solution seemed obvious, sharing the cost with others experiencing the same annoyance.

A $10 show of support for the campaign entitles the donor to a downloadable 3D printing design – Tracy and Tom’s original XO Box. Filament co-op pledges begin at $35 for a reward of one 1Kg spool of 1.75 mm filament in the backer’s color choice, plus the downloadable XO Box file. Pledges of $100 or more entitle backers to more spools and more colors. A fully funded campaign will cover the cost of production, quality control and shipping the spools to backers.

Simulation of Hazz Design’s original XO Box in the new signature colors.

“I like to tinker as much as the next guy,” said Tom. “3D printing is a very cool tool – but the whole point is creating something original. Not something that looks like anybody else could have done it. Color is part of that originality. When I post my designs in these custom colors on social media and in 3D design directories, they will stand out.”

The colors:

Fir Tree – a true holiday, Christmas green, unlike the grass green filament commonly available

Crimson – rich and ready for sports or college items

Coral – when orange is too orange, and pink is too pink

Audrey Aqua – iconic and a favorite with girls of all ages; perfect for “Ice Queen” accessories, sweet sixteen parties or wedding

Iris & Orchid – both just perfect for the Ice Queen’s little sister

About Tom & Tracy Hazzard

Based in Orange County, California, Tom and Tracy Hazzard have been working and designing together for more than 20 years. For clients, they solve the problem of what to make, how to make it stand out with women and men, and more importantly, what it takes to make it competition-proof. Tracy’s color expertise has been honed designing textiles for automotive, office and consumer products. Together they have designed and developed more than 200 products sold by major retailers and hold 35 design and utility patents. In the last two years, their credits have grown to include 3D print designers and podcast hosts.

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