Avoiding jail and getting bail bonds in Santa Barbara for Fourth of July

Tips and suggestions to avoid jail and obtain bail bonds in Santa Barbara during the Fourth of July celebration.

Learn tips to avoid going to jail and finding bail bonds in Santa Barbara. The Fourth of July can be a time of fun and festivities. It’s also when the police and sheriff deputies will be on heightened alert. Absolutely Affordable Bail Bonds will be there to help if needed.

Local bars and night clubs will be open during the holiday. Most will offer special drink prices to lure customers into their establishments. This is good for the consumer, but can also be a potential danger. Alcohol has a tendency to bring out the devil in some people. If one gets caught breaking the law, police officers and sheriff deputies will not hesitate to place the perpetrator under arrest.

Beyond the misdemeanor public intoxication charges, there will be a few persons who engage in more belligerent activities. Battery, assault, and domestic violence are not uncommon crimes that occur in Santa Barbara during this period. It is wise to be weary of this type of behavior to avoid going to jail.

The beach will also be a site of activity for the Fourth of July. Many bring their own beverages to watch the fireworks. Just be aware that law enforcement personnel will be vigilant.

If someone does get incarcerated, one option available to obtain freedom is bail bonds. Santa Barbara County Jail is not the most ideal place to spend Independence Day. As such, Absolutely Affordable Bail Bonds can assist in getting a release. They are a local company that is situated only minutes from the holding facilities. As their name suggests, they have the lowest rate in California. For those in need, financing is available as well.

Santa Barbara County Jail allows inmates two free calls from the booking area. It’s always a good idea to call a friend or family member with the first. However, it may be prudent to contact Absolutely Affordable Bail Bonds for the second. Beyond the local service and lowest rates, they also provide a free ride home no matter the hour.

If contacted by someone who has been arrested, it is wise to seek advice about all the available options. Absolutely Affordable Bail Bonds offers a free, no obligation consultation. In business since 1969, their company is the pillar of customer service in Santa Barbara. Get your questions answered about the entire process from people who have over 45 years of experience.


Absolutely Affordable Bail Bonds provides personal service by professional agents. When calling our agency, you will speak with a live person. Our agents will handle your individual case with the utmost attention and care that you deserve. You have the right to the best service possible.

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