New Book Promotes Diversity, Teaches Children to Accept Others

Dana Pfeufer will launch her new book, Finding Xanadu, with the help of MindStir Media. The book teaches children to make good choices and accept the differences in others, among other positive lessons.

Finding Xanadu, the first book in the J.B. Kids Adventures series, centers on ten-year-old Dean and his funny feelings. Fortunately, he has a good friend who understands, because Ol’ Sam has the same ability and experiences those same funny feelings. Dean rushes to the jelly bean factory to see Sam, when an earthquake hits. He escapes his peril in a mysterious tunnel, and falls asleep. Ol’ Sam’s stories become real when Dean awakens in a strange land with the most unusual characters. He finds himself in Xanadu, the land of Jelly Beans, and he knows he’s somewhere that isn’t supposed to exist. Dean tries to understand this new world and its unusual inhabitants, but most of all, he needs to remember where he came from, and how to get back.

Beautifully written and illustrated, Finding Xanadu is a fun and exciting adventure. At only 80 pages, the children’s book is a quick read. Author Dana Pfeufer’s goal with this book and the second book (forthcoming as well), The Journey Home, is to “get my stories accessible to children along with my characters, to exemplify how different we are from one another.” The author went on to explain that she believes differences should be seen as gifts, given to learn from one another, appreciated and accepted by everyone.

Mrs. Pfeufer also added: “My stories are fun and filled with many exciting adventures, but most important, Finding Xanadu and The Journey Home, are stories about making the right choices, diversity, friendships, and beginning new relationships. My aspiration is to instill in the hearts of children, the art of understanding and acceptance of others. I want to carry the messages of compassion, how to be a positive influence, and the importance of giving a good lasting impression, and how all of these things make us feel about ourselves.”

Finding Xanadu is scheduled to be launched by mid-July. The book will be available at, and other fine retailers worldwide. Wholesale orders can be placed through Ingram.

Her second book, The Journey Home, is forthcoming.

About Dana Pfeufer:

Dana currently resides in Mississippi with her husband Larry of twenty-six years. They have five children and eight grandchildren. Her grandchildren have been her biggest inspiration for her writings of Finding Xanadu and The Journey Home.

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About The Publisher – MindStir Media:

MindStir Media, a leader in self-publishing services, helps authors publish books via various self-publishing packages that include book cover design, illustration, printing, distribution and marketing.

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