Kickstarter Campaign for Kling the One-Hand Smartphone Holder & Mount Launched

Kling is a one of a kind, multi-functional one-hand smart phone holder and mount, which is currently in need of funding. A crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter has been launched to raise at least €7,000 by Fri, Jul 31 2015. The developers of the Kling phone holder and mount are looking towards the generosity of all those who use large screened smartphones such as the iPhone 6 and are prone to dropping their phones, also of people who appreciate and support creative yet simple designs that provide solution for common problems.

The developers of the Kling one-hand smartphone holder realize that nowadays a smartphone is one of the most important things for most people, one that they carry throughout the day at times of work, leisure and everything in between. A common problem associated with carrying large screened smartphones is that they are prone to falls during use. The conventional solution: putting on a protective case adds to the weight and size of such phones, therefore the need for a convenient yet functional and durable holder gave birth to Kling. The development of Kling was a learning opportunity for its developers which came to fruition after Kling prototype was made and tested.

According to the project description, Kling offers a new and creative way to hold and use a smartphone in everyday situations. It provides various simple functionalities:

  • One-hand holder/grip (Great for smartphones with big screens, e.g. iPhone 6 plus) 
  • Movie / reading stand 
  • Tripod mount 
  • Earphone holder 
  • Strap holder

The developers of the Kling have already designed, manufactured and tested the prototype of the holder/mount and believe that they have a simpler solution to a very common problem faced by smartphone users everywhere. They have modified and finalized their best design and hired a manufacturer for their product. They have chosen a mix of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and Polycarbonate (PC) as materials which are both common thermoplastic polymers selected for their durability and heat resistance.

The developers are offering various perks to the people who make monetary contributions to the project as a token of appreciation for supporting them. The people behind the project also encourage people to support them by sharing the campaign by spreading the word about the campaign and the product.

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Kling One-Hand Smartphone Holder & Mount is the brain child of Karine Ear and Raphael Perez. They are looking for a way to better hold and use our smartphone in those big cities, due to the lack of options they decided to create their own product. They co-founded Y Zynthesis and created the Kling.

Media Contact
Company Name: Y Zynthesis
Contact Person: Karine Ear
Country: HongKong