The Moving Brokers of America may be the solution to stop unethical practices prevailing in the moving industry

Moving to a new location is one big task despite of the fact you’re moving to a nearby place or for a long distance. There are a lot of companies available in the market which offers their services to help your move, but according to the American Moving and Storage Association 50% of the household moving industry is comprised of companies with 5 or less employees. There have been a number of cases reported where the moving companies act unethically and take advantages of the customer’s situation.

Moving Brokers of America, the newly launched company is now providing its services to the customers with an aim to overcome the above mentioned loopholes. This company would operate similar to a travel agent, except in the moving industry and help find the customers the right service for them. One of the major problem with moving industry has been that most of the brokers pose as full service movers while most of their services are outsourced. This creates trouble to the customer after making the deal, when they have to re negotiate everything again to the carrier. The problem of this immoral practice will be resolved by this new company which promises all the transparency that a customer deserve.

As their name ‘Moving Brokers of America’ suggests they give a clear cut idea on brokers of moving industry. The roles have been clearly defined and also services they provide so that the customer has a clear idea what they are spending for. The company also provides support in packing the goods properly to prevent any damages to the material, furniture etc. and also helps the customer in guiding through the process of moving. This company is strongly recommended especially when the customer is moving for a long distance. Moreover, the company can also help you estimate the cost required for moving and reserve a carrier according to your requirement.

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