Naples Florida Inventor Announces Indiegogo Campaign to Bring to Market Pet-H2O a Smart Water Bowl Solution to Keep Pets Healthy

Experts agree one of the most important ways to stay on top of if a pet is healthy is to monitor their daily water intake.  Formerly this could be quite difficult to stay on top of, but inventor Harry Ruiz of AquaLine Systems Corp recently announced their solution – Pet-H2O, a smart pet water bowl that offers remarkably innovative ways to be proactive about this important issue.  The company has announced an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise the required funds to bring the exciting product to market.

“There’s been a great deal of hard work, research and development that’s gone into Pet-H2O,” commented Ruiz, a former Florida Aquarium Marine Biologist, about his latest invention.  “I’m very passionate about the value that it offers pet owners.  I’m sure many pets will live longer, healthier and happier lives once this information is available to pet owners and especially to their pet’s veterinarians.  It’s a real win in a great many ways.”

According to Ruiz, Pet-H2O makes its own water, but it can also connect to city water, purifies it, tracks how much is being drank and even sends an alert via a related app. When any changes are detected a “Red Alert” notification is sent out. Pet-H2O, delivers other benefits as well – allowing a user to see their pet through Pet-H2O and even speak to them and listen to their reaction.

All of these features are quite unique for a pet product, and with the emphasis veterinarians place on accurately monitoring pet water intake it can be very valuable.  The amount of water a pet drinks also can reveal other health issues, with some conditions being revealed when they drink too little, and others being pointed to when they drink too much.

The Indiegogo campaign has set a goal of $84,000 and will end on July 31, 2015.The funds raised will cover the manufacture and release of the first run of Pet-H20, with the first of the products being shipped to donors who donated enough to earn Pet-H2O’s as perks.

Veterinarians have responded to the news about Pet-H2O with enthusiasm.

A veterinarian from Florida recently remarked, “Monitoring your pet water intake is critically vital and if the Pet-H2O can accurately monitor pet water intake it could save many pets, without a doubt.”

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