FlipBuilder Magazine Maker Marries the Beauty of Print with the Power of Digital

“Interactive Digital Magazine”
The software keeps the realistic page turning experience and offers the convenience of digital.

Flipbuilder, a leading name in digital publishing and the magazine industry, has outdone themselves yet again by creating a free software program for publishing houses and private clients to utilize. Called Magazine Maker, this new software program from FlipBuilder is guaranteed to create the positive experience of a print magazine without costing any funds.

The free trial version has no time limitation and provides all of the features and more desired in an online publishing program.

Features such as unlimited file type conversions and accessibility on almost any computer system such as Mac, PC, tablets, or Ipads allows publishers to create the perfect magazine experience for their readers. Furthermore, FlipBuilder Magazine Maker has the capability to share any file anywhere throughout the Internet, and is built to easily modify or update any editions. 

Unlike other software programs that facilitate digital magazine creation, FlipBuilder Magazine Maker creates the experience of a print magazine in every digital issue. The free Magazine Maker simulates the print magazine experience by providing realistic page turning sound effects. These effects allow the reader to have an engrossing magazine experience previously unknown of in the digital magazine market.

Sam Huang, the Senior Software Developer Engineer of FlipBuilder, says, “the unique page turning sound component of FlipBuilder’s Magazine Maker experience will engage readers and encourage them to stay and read your entire magazine.”

Huang also describes reading content created by FlipBuilder’s Magazine Maker as an “immersive experience for the reader.”

Publishers with any level of computer knowledge can use the Magazine Maker software program. Magazine Maker’s interface layout allows for animated magazines with digital components such as videos, GIFs, and sound to be produced with little to no knowledge of computer coding.

Publishers, writers, and people who enjoy sitting down with a magazine will love using and engaging with Flipbuilder’s Magazine Maker free digital magazine creation software program.

For more information, feel free to visit http://www.flipbuilder.com/free-magazine-maker-software.html

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