How Ares Makes Magic Come True

An affordable all-in-one 3D printer from EasyArts, Just start from 399$

WUHAN, China – June 29, 2015 – After nearly a year of research and development, EasyArts, is releasing its first launch of the all-in-one 3D printer—Ares. It is a luxury product that is highly cost-effective and can meet most of your daily requirements in terms of creation and innovation.  The modular design enables users greater space for extension, also with a full-metal body to prevent any possible deformation. This product is particularly suitable for fans, enterprises, homes, educational institutions, or any others interested in 3D printing.  Right now, they got a huge successful, they already raised over 24000 USD in just three days.

In addition, Ares gets several great extensions available now apart from 3D Printing.  Specifically, it can be upgraded with Laser and CNC Engraving, essential tool for DIY makers and 3D pictures respectively. Ares can also deal with high-precision and colorful 3D scanning with HD scanner. You may be out now if you still have to stand by your printer for control of printing. With a webcam and Wifi access, you can now monitor the printing process  from anywhere and anytime. The owners are really encouraged to develop their own extension(s) just by following the instructions. It is such an awesome product at such an affordable price.

Therefore, EasyArts team needs your support to make it common product just like household laser printer. They also need your help to make it affordable to bring convenience for the folks with powerful functions. Currently, they need your contributions to kick off their campaign at Indiegogo (click here) to make your dream come true.  You can do something to bring this affordable, all-in-one 3D printer to mass production, either by claim of attractive perks or just friendly sponsorship. Every dollar counts for this project.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to own Ares, an incredible, innovative product, with only $399!

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