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Stem cells hold a lot of potential to help the humans discover cures for different ailments that are responsible for the death of thousands every year.
With the passage of time, medical science is making great advances to come up with better treatment methods that have the capability of providing better results. The human body is designed to have limited age, and after the passage of this age it becomes to deteriorate and lose its youthful power and energy.

Scientists have been conducting different experiments on animals and humans to understand why do we age and how to stop this aging process some studies suggest that our cells are programmed to live only for a limited period of time and others believe that our cells have a limited division capability and after a certain period of time they can no longer replicate themselves and the individual starts to age.

But recently researchers have been able to increase the lifespan of lab rats by using a different combination of stem cell treatments. Stem cells are undistinguished cells in our body that have the potential to take form of different cells and perform different functions in the body, scientists have been able to replicate the stem cell to perform different functions of body to simulate better cell growth and help the mice to live longer.

Stem cells can be a very viable, cheap and safe method of treatment because stem cells are the part of the body and replicate the function of body they do not carry any contra-indications that may cause complications in the future but rather use the body’s natural healing and replicating power to cure the ailment that is present inside the host. Stem cells are widely used for organ regeneration, where a part or the entire organ has been lost due to some disease, doctors have been able to repair damage by injecting stem cells in the body. Several studies have been conducted where researchers have been able to cure blindness in old mice.

Cancer is one of the most evasive type of disease that affects millions of people around the world, it disrupts the balance of the body that may result in death but stem cell treatment has shown a lot of promise in this area and can help the doctors remove the faulty cells that have mutated using the stem cells therapy. Stem cells therapy is also widely used in dealing with sports related injuries, there have been hundreds of examples of athletes who have completed recovered without requiring any surgery by using stem cell treatment. Stem cells hold a lot of potential to help the humans discover cures for different ailments that are responsible for the death of thousands every year.

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