Scientists are finding the fountain of youth through stem cells and telomere science

Soon the fountain of youth may no longer be a myth.

Telomere is a Greek word that is formed by merging Telos that means ends and Meros that means part. Telomeres are very similar to caps on shoelaces that protect it from getting frayed, similar Telomere are caps at the end of our DNA strands that protect the information in our DNA. Stem Cells on other hand are undistinguished cells in our body that have yet not taken any specific functionalities or roles in the body. Scientists have carried out extensive research regarding both these elements and have been able to discover several new things about how our body ages and repairs itself.

Telomere are considered to be primarily responsible for how we age, DNA strands have a limited ability to replicate and with passage of time the Telomere at the ends of the DNA strands start to shorten that results in aging in a human body. Telomere are also responsible for the bone density in women. When these telomere start to shorten the DNA strands become damaged and lose their ability to replicate that cause  age-related diseases.

Stem cells are a viable means to restore their shortening Telomere in a human body to increase the life of an average human, due to advancement in medical science and invention of better cures the humans are able to survive for a longer time. Analysts believe that by carrying out further research on the topic human beings can discover means to reverse the impact of aging and increase the average age of humans by several years. Telomere are responsible for protecting the genetic makeup of the body and if damaged can result in early aging and other diseases such as cancer. Stem cells can take the form of repair agents in our body and recover the damage. In lab experiments conducted by several pharmaceutical companies researchers have been able to increase the age of mice by 5 years with stem cells and telomere repair therapies. More than 10,000 different researches are being conducted over the viability of Telomere therapy in helping the humans live longer.

Scientists are extremely hopeful that in coming few they would be able to understand how cells function and grow and what impact does Telomere shortening have on our body and how to halt or reverse the impact of telomere shortening. DNA is the most basic programming in our body that defines who we are and how we develop as humans, genetic research is going to open more doors for humans to stay healthy and fit in the future.

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