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This is the logo for the overall Stoner Joe the Bunny brand.
Issues are released 4 time per year and currently the first four issues are available.

Stoner Joe the Bunny is an ongoing comedic comic book series with a cannabis theme. The series is about a bud toking bunny and the various weed themed stories and adventures of his life. The stories and the series itself maintains the emphasis of comedy and uses Stoner Joe and the accompanying characters for the various narratives that are told, with the themes and tones varying from issue to issue.

Currently the first four issues of the Series are available.

To go along with the “Stoner” Theme of the series, each issue comes with one rolling paper and a small bundle of Hemp Wick.

There are also Stoner Joe the Bunny themed packs of rolling papers and Pack N Stash That can be bought and sold along with the books or separately.

The Rolling papers are 100% hemp, they come with crutches and the packs turn into trays so you can easily fill and roll your paper with your smoke of choice.

Pack N Stash is a small tube you can fill with your smoke of choice that easily fills a paper, pipe, or bowl without any of the mess, that you can easily fit in your pocket and take with you in the go.

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