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Steeped in Sophistication
Utilizing the highest quality USDA Kosher and Organic ingredients, The Steam Co, offers an array of Artisan Hand-Crafted E-Liquids for today’s Vape User. Whether one of our exclusive Reserve Line, Bourbon based and aged for over 10 weeks in Charred Oak Barrels, one of internationally inspired desert custards, such as Kintaro, or a tobacco flavor, The Steam Co, is guaranteed to satisfy.

The Steam Co., a Connecticut based manufacturer of internationally and nationally renowned e-liquid for today’s vape user, announces their introduction to a select number of domestic markets. 

Founded in August 2011 when a new vapor user decided to make their own refillable e-liquid after not finding satisfying flavors in the fledgling American market, The Steam Co. has grown into an international presence as well as a dominating force in the American marketplace. 

Currently located in multiple countries including the U.K, France and The Caribbean as well as multiple states and markets in the domestic USA, The Steam Co. has spent the past couple of years developing a reputation for premium quality E-Liquids. A simple online search will reveal national consumer sentiment that is nothing short of praise for this quality manufacturer. 

All The Steam Co. branded juice is hand-crafted with love in our state of the art clean room lab facility. A currently Class 800 Rated Clean Room Facility, The Steam Co. is utilizing the latest in air-exchange, anti-contaminant and sanitary devices. Their lab can produce tens of thousands of bottles of finished product each month. The Steam Co. offers the ability for private label ventures, customized flavor profiling and delivery of high quality consumables to the vaping market.

The Steam Co. is a strong strategic brand with a promising future. The Steam Co. owners are visionaries. All founders and partners are marketers by trade and powerhouses in the digital, promotional and marketing industries. 

Utilizing its own proven retail model via a 1,200 square foot full-service Vape Lounge located in the heart of historic Orange Connecticut, The Steam Co. and its employees have an understanding of established best practices in the vaping community. We know how to walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to vaping and juice making. 

With the advent of their relationship to Mr.Checkout Distributors, The Steam Co. hopes to develop new and long lasting relationships with distributors in the USA that are keen to building a brand presence and being supported with marketing and promotional items, a steady reliable stream of high quality products and the support of a management team whose number one priority is satisfaction. 

Steeped in sophistication, this is The Steam Co.

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