Health Men Libido Publishes New Information On Groundbreaking Treatments For Andropause

Andropause, or the male menopause, is a serious problem for those with active lifestyles trying to maintain their progress and performance, and now there appears to be a real herbal remedy.

Testosterone levels are declining. Many theories exist as to why, but as generations go by, men are being born with lower starting levels of testosterone, and their levels of the hormone are falling earlier and more dramatically than ever before. As such, there is an increasing need for ways to mediate this problem on behalf of sufferers, as low testosterone not only affects the body and mind, but comes with serious health risks. is a website dedicated to helping people increase their testosterone, and has discovered a new, herbal means by which to increase levels naturally. 

Many treatments claim to target low libido, weight gain or hair thinning by increasing testosterone levels, but only Spartagen XT offers targeted treatment without creating further hormonal imbalance, using unique active ingredients that encourages a natural increase in testosterone to keep people at optimal fitness.

The site describes the secret as Tongkat Ali, nicknamed “Asian Viagra” in a 1999 review in the New Sunday Times. Besides being used for centuries to increase libido, in recent times it has found its use in bodybuilding circles, as the increased testosterone facilitated the growth of muscle mass. Now, this can be successfully used to counterbalance falling testosterone levels. 

A spokesperson for Website explained, “Andropause is much less talked about but is no less transformative than menopause, and men, like women, are looking for a way to mediate the effects of this dramatic process in taking away their progress toward physical fitness, sexual prowess, and general vitality. Spartagen XT has reformulated the use of Tongkat Ali for this use, and its success has been well documented both for bodybuilders and in clinical trials with animals, confirming its beneficial effects. We are excited about this product, and believe our readers should be too.” 

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