Tech Traders aims to provide affordable and reliable computers to low income families and the elderly

With the advancement of technology, computers have become a basic necessity. But not everyone can afford to purchase a computer or learn how to operate one.  Tech Traders, has taken steps to resolve this problem. The idea is to support the low income families and the elderly so that they can experience the convenience of technology at affordable prices.

Refurbished desktop computers by Tech Traders, a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, come with 2 GB Ram, 80 GB hard drive, DVD drive, 17” LCD monitor, Keyboard, VLC Media Player, Mouse, Windows 7 Pro, Open Office, anti-virus, anti-malware and a one year warranty.  The best value is a 32-bit computer with Dual core processor, Windows 7 Pro, starts from as low as $85. The 64-Bit version in the same will cost the customer $150. The best deal with additional features and advanced processor is priced at $200. The memory can be doubled to 4 GB with an additional $25 and all it takes is $15 to add wireless and Wi-Fi to the computer.

The company is also offering laptop computers with Core 2 Duo processors, 2.0 GB Ram, DVD drives, Windows 7 Pro, Open Office, Wi-Fi and a 90 day warranty on batteries and a 1 year warranty on hard drive and software installed. The 32-bit version with 60 GB hard drive is available at $150 and the 64 bit version with 80 GB hard drive comes at $250. The memory can be doubled to 4 GB with an additional $30.

Looking at the configurations and features the computers and laptops are priced low and are affordable to the low income families and the elderly. Payment Plans are Available. Any purchase made by anyone over the age of 55, comes with free in home set-up and a free 2 hour class.

Media Contact
Company Name: TechTraders
Contact Person: Richard Evans
Phone: 513-701-9647
Country: United States