Creators of Pura Smart Water Fountain for Cats Launch IndieGoGo Campaign

The creators of Pura, a water fountain for cats that operates via smartphone app, have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise production and distribution funds for this unique and helpful product.

The creators of Pura, an easy-to-clean water fountain for cats that can be controlled and analyzed via a smartphone app for both iPhone and Android, have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to complete production and distribution of this important product. Because cats need a great deal of water, it is important for owners to understand monitor their intake and provide them with a constant source of clean, fresh water. This helps pet owners avoid their pets having dehydration and keeps the animals healthy.

Water intake is essential for cats, but most do not get enough water.  About 46.8 percent of cats suffer from urinary calculus, cystitis, renal failure, urethral obstruction or other dehydration-related issues in their lifetimes, often because they simply do not drink enough water.  Now, Pura, the beautifully crafted and ergonomically designed smart water fountain for cats encourages better habits and allows owners to monitor water intake from any smart phone.

Pura detects and calculates water intake, even for numerous cats, through the use of a smart collar.  This information goes directly to the smartphone via an app and allows owners to instantly calculate how much water the cat has taken in.  Even with multiple Pura stations, the data is instantly synchronized for each pet via the smartphone app. The app includes a pet profile for each cat, required water consumption calculation, water consumption history, affection level, abnormal behavior notification, daily water-changing and filter-changing reminders, cat care tips and LED light options for the device.

Additionally, the ergonomic design decreases neck stress for cats and even helps them keep their whiskers clean.  The water-changing system makes it easy to clean the refill the device on a daily basis.  

The IndieGoGo campaign, located at, offers pledge levels from $5 to $2,860 and perks from single collar IDs to complete Pura Water Systems.  See the IndieGoGo page for details.

About Pura:  

Pura is an easy-to-clean system that monitors the water intake of individual cats via a smartphone app, allowing owners to ensure that cats are well hydrated.


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