Can a Protein Shaker Really Make You Stronger?

Introducing The Test Tube, The Last Protein Shaker You Will Ever Buy, Guaranteed

Los Angeles, CA – Most exercise enthusiasts would likely agree a protein shaker is an essential accessory that makes keeping a proper diet more simple and easy. Unfortunately, the quality of most shaker bottles is notoriously low. Test Tube Fitness is introducing the Test Tube to solve this problem and bring a premium stainless steel protein shaker to market.

A protein shaker bottle is an essential tool for anyone dedicated to improving their body through fitness. Otherwise, without a protein shaker, there’s the need for a blender at inopportune times, or worse having to mix protein or other powders by spoon – which is not an enviable position at all. The Test Tube not only solves these problems, but also puts an end to the age of poorly made protein shakers, that don’t work well, break easily and sometimes are even unsafe to drink from. The Test Tube is a strong, durable, stainless steel protein shaker designed to last a lifetime. 

It is made of high quality stainless steel, 100% BPA free, features an integrated blender cap and is completely guaranteed for life. Test Tube Fitness will happily replace any broken or leaking Test Tubes for free at anytime. 

“This is the last protein shaker a person will need to buy guaranteed,” commented Victor Gonzalez the Founder of Test Tube Fitness. “Early in the process we wondered if design could impact physical fitness and strength. We now believe that well designed tools can positively influence the way people live and that this applies even more when it comes to maintaining your body. The Test Tube is an amazing fitness tool and we know our Kickstarter campaign will be a huge success in bringing the product to the market.”

Emily G., from Boston, recently said, “I train CrossFit and run, so a protein shaker for me is a must. In the last four years I’ve gone through at least six. It’s time to get one that’s built to last. Count me in on The Test Tube Kickstarter.”

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