Winning Strategies and Secrets Of DealDash iOS App Shared By DealDash Reviews

DealDash is an ecommerce website known for the longest running bidding fee auction website in the United States. The website has allowed many people to win and save on a large variety of items through an auction system that is unique to DealDash. The DealDash app was recently launched for the iOs platform which has been well received by iPhone and iPad users and the bidding wars has commenced. To make it simpler for DealDash skeptics and newbies to get with the grips of the new app and the DealDash system a variety of reviews have been shared by real Deal Dashers.

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DealDash review website ( writes: “Shopping on Deal Dash can be a lot of fun however before you jump in on all the fun and grab your first deals, make sure you understand how DealDash is different from traditional auction sites like eBay.”

It can be noticed that a lot of people who are labeling DealDash as a scam have found the website, its auction system and the competitive nature of the platform to be confusing and daunting, this however is not the case for many other real people who have taken part in DealDash auction, won and have saved money through the website.

Video review: created by a YouTuber and a real DealDash enthusiast shares her experience of saving through the website and not having to pay retail for many items including beauty tool, toys and gift cards. The reviewer also shares a brief slideshow of the many things she has won by taking part in a DealDash auction. Most reviewers agree that there is a learning curve involved which can be easily mastered by taking part in auctions or by simply observing the bidding wars on the website. However these reviewers also agree that the system is one of the most fun ways of shopping online while saving money as long as they persevere, keep learning from others through reviews and pick up from their own experience.

The launch of the new iOS DealDash app will enable smart device users take part in and keep track of all the latest happenings on DealDash. The app has received multiple 5 star ratings from users despite the recent launch of the app.


DealDash is an ecommerce company based in Minneapolis, MN, founded in February 2009 and operates the longest running bidding fee auction website in the United States.

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